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SustainabilityA Green Hotel

At Hotel Maverick  – we’re deeply committed to uplifting the planet, people, and places that sustain our operations. Caring for Earth has always been at the heart of what we do- from working with sustainable local purveyors to offering guest amenities powered by CMU’s Geothermal Exchange System. We strive to contribute to sustainable development in the short and long term, while simultaneously providing a guest experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Guest Amenities At Colorado Mesa University

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Fueled By Renewable Energy

Colorado Mesa University is pioneering geo-exchange technology with the goal to be the first university in America to be fully heated and cooled by a geo-exchange system. Guests have access to fitness amenities powered by CMU’s Geothermal Exchange System.

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Green Globe Silver Rating

Hotel guests have access to fitness amentines in CMU’s buildings, all of which have a Green Globe Rating.  This includes The Maverick Center, Maverick Pavilion and University Center.

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