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Immerse Yourself in NatureThings to Do in Grand Junction

Hotel Maverick is more than a unique and inspiring feature of the CMU campus; it’s a gateway to the Colorado mountains on the horizon and all the incredible activities within. No matter the season, guests can choose from exciting outdoor excursions that create memories to last a lifetime. Seek adventure during your stay and make the most of your Maverick moment.

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four people snow tubing

Snow Tubing

Dive into the pure exuberance of dashing through the snow on an inflatable tube! From gentle hillsides to more daring drops, the snow-capped mountains near Grand Junction, Colorado offer visitors an exciting destination for a day of snow tubing adventure.

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family of five ice fishing

Ice Fishing

Bundle up and get ready for a day out on the ice. Through February, a number of frozen lakes around Grand Junction provide the perfect destination for anglers seeking ice fishing. Whether it’s the Vega Reservoir teeming with trout or the Blue Mesa Reservoir filled with kokanee salmon, ice fishing is easily accessible throughout the area.

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two people hiking in snow with a dog


Head to the Grand Mesa Nordic Trails for a spectacular form of winter hiking over snow-covered clearings. Tracing back to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, snowshoeing offers explorers a unique way to journey over powdery plains and icy fields near Grand Junction.

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brown horses running outside

Wild Horse Sightseeing

Nothing compares to the rare majesty of observing horses gallop and graze out in the wild. Around Grand Junction’s peaceful landscapes, you can find wild American horses among picturesque plateaus and rock canyons.

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group of people riding ATVs

ATV Trail Rides

Explore the rugged terrain around Grand Junction with a one-of-a-kind activity: ATV rides. With a multitude of dirt trails around the area offering unforgettable thrills and unbeatable views, simply bring your crew along, strap on your helmet, and get ready to experience Colorado up close.

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man and woman rock climbing

Rock Climbing

Conquer the towering mountains and red rock formations of Western Colorado at your own pace. Grand Junction is a rock climber’s dream destination, surrounded by arid land and adventuresome peaks that are perfect for climbing and canyoneering. From large boulders to magnificent mesas, find the route that’s best for you.

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red and white wine on barrel

Vineyard Tour & Tasting

A visit to Grand Junction is not complete without visiting the local wineries, sampling the refined taste of Colorado wines along the way. Especially during the time of autumn harvest, the Grand Valley’s vineyards serve some of the state’s best varietals.

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man fly fishing


Within the Grand Mesa National Forest, anglers can find fantastic freshwater lakes to spend a serene day of fishing and enjoying the atmosphere. For fishing closer to Grand Junction, the Colorado River State Park offers quiet ponds and running rivers teeming with catfish, trout, and largemouth bass.

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snow mobile in air


The pristine forests and vast trails of the Grand Mesa come alive with the first snowfalls of winter. Why not get out and explore them with an expert snowmobile tour? This invigorating excursion is an extreme and entertaining way to travel through snowy meadows and Colorado woodlands.

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person skiing

Cross Country Skiing

The Grand Mesa Nordic Trails - which are supported by a community-supported, nonprofit organization of cross country skiers called the Grand Mesa Nordic Council - offer a bold and adventurous way to go cross country skiing near Grand Junction.

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two people skiing

Skiing & Snowboarding

During the winter months, organized skiing and snowboarding is easy to find around Grand Junction. Not far from Hotel Maverick, snow-capped mountains and ski resorts abound, offering fresh powder and thrilling slopes to all seeking a fun ski trip out west.

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three people hiking


Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots before your stay. The hiking trails around Hotel Maverick offer a peek into western Colorado's flora and fauna, alongside great exercise, unparalleled views, and engagement with the outdoor environment.

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bird sitting on white bucket bird feeder

Bird Watching

Watch the Yellow-Billed Loon, Mississippi Kite, and Frigatebird in their own habitat. Grand Junction is home to an incredible host of Colorado wildlife, including a magnificent array of birds. Bring your binoculars and get ready to see beautiful species of waterfowl, eagles, bluebirds, and more.

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hand placing golf ball on tee


With its rolling landscapes, winding rivers, and wide-open valleys, Grand Junction is a golfer’s dream destination. Impressive golf courses nearby allow guests to hit the links in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Get ready to tee off in brilliant western Colorado!

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person horseback riding

Horseback Riding

See the land just as the early pioneers did: by mozying through on the back of a trusted horse. This authentic Colorado outing offers an adventurous and unforgettable journey galloping through the mountains, forests, and flat top mesas on sunny days in the Grand Valley.

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person mountain biking

Road & Mountain Biking

There are over 30 mountain biking trails in and around Grand Junction, Colorado. Catering to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels, these scenic bike paths offer an active and engaging way to place yourself in the beautiful terrain of western Colorado’s Grand Valley.

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white water rafting

Whitewater Rafting

There’s no better way to cool down on a hot day in Grand Junction than with an exhilarating whitewater rafting ride down the Colorado River. Embark on a lively day of adventure with one of the many rafting tours near Hotel Maverick.

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